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City of Angels & Discontent by Sean Overman @jgbooksolutions @seanaustino

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What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing this book?
The most surprising thing I discovered while writing this book was truths about my own father. There was a point in my my parent’s relationship where he became very abusive with my mother. He never hit her, but she even alluded to him throwing something at her feet during an argument. Much of this newly discovered trauma, inspired me to write more about Colin’s father and how he was a flawed ghost from Colin’s past, forever haunting him in the shadows.

Tell us about your dream vacation.
My dream vacation would be to visit every country on the planet; an around the world trip. There’s so much out there and it’s very possible to get to each country and culture within a few years of someone’s life. One of my favorite authors, Chris Guillebeau did it in 11 years. I’d like to just go, write and document every inspirational detail I find along the way. Ideally, I’d like to start off in Europe, work my way over to Asia and Japan. Learning Japanese is something I’ve always wanted to do due to my affinity for anime.

Has someone helped or mentored you in your writing career?
Yes, I got lots of assistance and mentoring along the way in my career. My mentor, Chrys Phillips and fellow author Fern Ronay shared their experiences and gave me precious advice. In addition, at a seminar I asked another mentor, Maria Menounos, how she got through authoring her books and she said to never worry about perfection. No book is ever perfect.

What books have most influenced your life?
The books that have most influenced my life are: The Alchemist, The Once and Future King, The $100 Start Up, Fifty Shades of Grey, Gulliver’s Travels, Heart of Darkness, Wild, Metamorphosis, & The 4-Hour Body.

Do you come from a large or small family? Is it a blessing or a curse? For instance…..
I come from both a small and large family. Large in that across the Pacific, I have about 50 relatives that I never see. Small in that my immediate family has only 4 members. My mom, my two sisters and me. It’s a curse because we are so far apart from each other these days. For big family events, I need to drive at least 100 miles either north or south in California to visit them.


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Title: City of Angels & Discontent
Author:  Sean Overman
Published:  November 4th, 2015
Genre:  Romance
Content Warning:   Some sexual content
Recommended Age:  18+

Colin remembers the words that sent his life spiraling into darkness. “Do you understand what you did? You just hit me!” What is a man to do when he experiences domestic violence? What kind of man does he become? See him heart broken, break hearts and figure out what the hell gives his life meaning in City of Angels and Discontent.

Excerpt from City of Angels and Discontent by Sean Overman:

June 7th, 1991, Hollister, CA. It was a sad day when Colin's father died. Colin had no idea what occurred. He didn't even hear his mom scream, cry or moan. If he did, it was blocked out of his memory. The traumatic event was covered up like a well-gauzed gunshot wound. Colin's mother went off and followed the ambulance to the hospital, but he didn't see her leave. Instead, Colin was left there with his two sisters, watching Peter Pan in the living room with the big tube. They must've watched it four times before she came back home. When his mom returned, Colin was still sitting in his father's lazy boy, reclined, covered in his lion and cheetah comforter, wearing nothing but undies. He had no idea what happened and Mom didn't say one thing to him or his sisters.

The following week was the funeral. On the main street of their little town of 25,000 people, Colin and his mom entered the funeral home. The stone columns on the outside and big black marble sign indicated they arrived. This was the last place Colin saw his father in the flesh. Colin stared at the body and didn't cry. He was fascinated with the soulless doll of his father.

Father. His dad hated when little Colin called him that.

"There is only one father," Colin’s dad had said to Colin the previous year. "Don't you dare call me that. Call me Dad."

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About the Author:
Sean Overman is from Northern, CA. He graduated from San Benito High School and attended Gavilan Community College. He transferred to Cal State Los Angeles and graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree. He worked for 10 years at a non-profit agency, teaching life skills to foster and probation youth, then managing a staff of 26 specialists. When he’s not writing, he hosts podcasts / YouTube videos for and produces segments for the after shows.

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