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The Wisdom of Listening by Marilyn R. Wilson


Nine Reasons To Embrace E-books
by Marilyn R. Wilson

I have always loved print books. I love the feel of them, I love the smell of them, and the tactile sensation of holding a print book adds to the reading experience for me. Illustrated books, photography books, coffee table books and most children's books are usually best viewed in print because of their visual focus. Then there are the books that I want to re-read, refer back to and make notes in. Last but not least are author signed copies I hold dear.

In recent years, however, I've discovered myself purchasing more and more e-books. As many of my friends are not fans, I thought it might be fun to create a list to lure them into opening the door on this useful new medium.  Here are my top nine -

Easier to Travel With - You can take tons of e-books with you on holiday without any added weight.  An e-reader often weighs less than a single print book does, can carry hundreds of titles and takes up little space in your purse or carry-on.

Easy to buy – E-books are available globally with just a few clicks. More than once I've run out of something to read while on holiday and within a few minutes I've managed to go online, purchase several titles, download them and start reading.

Saves Money - The cost of an e-book is much lower and there are no shipping costs.  As someone who can read up to a book a day when on a binge, this really makes a difference.

Free library books – Who doesn't like free.  Most libraries now include e-books in their collections. You also don't have to go to the library to pick them up or have to return them by a certain date. You save gas, you save late fines (they just disappear when your time is up) and you never lose a book.

Multi-book packs – E-book packs (usually 3-12 titles) are a big trend right now.  Sometimes they're early books in a series by one author. Other times it's a compilation of single titles by a group of different authors. The goal is to use older titles to gain new readers and the price is always phenomenal.

Easy Storage – You can fill your home without having to purchase a single bookcase or take up an inch of floor space. Your e-books can be stored in your computer, phone or e-reader. I store all mine in my computer and only keep unread titles in my e-reader for simplicity.

Easy to Move – If you've ever moved boxes and boxes of books you know what I mean. This is not an issue with e-books. They have no weight at all.

No garbage – As an avid reader, I used to buy tons of new books on sale and used books where ever I could find them, plus I received many as a book reviewer. Most I didn't want to keep once I finished them. I was always looking for places to donate used books.  Unfortunately there were times I had to put them in the recycle bin. Now I buy very few print books and always ask for digital copies when I review a book.

Eco-Friendly – Did you know bookstores receive books on consignment and if unsold, they are returned and destroyed. The last figure I read was that 77 million unsold books are destroyed globally, and that's a lot of trees cut down to make paper for books that are never read even once. What a waste.

New, used, print or digital – it's the words written by the author that create that magic we as readers love. There is no right or wrong choice, just a lot of great options.


Book Details:

Book Title: The Wisdom of Listening: Pieces of Gold from a Decade of Interviewing and Life by Marilyn R. Wilson

Category: Adult Non-fiction, 220 pages

Genre: Self-Esteem, Motivational, Personal Transformation

Publisher: Real People - Real Lives Press

Release date: May 28, 2018

Tour dates: Sept 24 to Oct 12, 2018

Content Rating: G

Book Description:

The next time you're out in public, take a moment to look around you. Each and every person you see holds wisdom in their pockets--pieces of gold they've accumulated as they walked their own unique life journey.

Within these pages, Marilyn shares some of the many pieces of gold she has received over her decade-long career. They have been offered to her during interviews, through random encounters and while facing difficult challenges. The most important? We are each unique and exactly who we are meant to be.

Are you ready to dig for gold? All you need to do is be brave, be present in the moment and be open to the possibilities--then start a conversation.

Praise for The Wisdom of Listening:

"Every life has a story and, no matter our background, we share similar hopes, dreams and fears. This book not only gives you insight into the varied lives of its subjects but, through Marilyn's reflections, shows how we each walk a similar spiritual path."

- Robbin Whachell, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Bahamas Weekly

"Marilyn shows us, through her compassionate and incisive interviews, how to grasp and link those golden moments, like sparkling prisms of light, into an animated and profound acceptance of ourselves, the people we encounter, the relationships we build, and the dreams that will set us free."

- Gabriella Contestabile, Author, Founder of Su Misura Sensory Journeys

“I was reminded we are collectively each walking our own paths, but often experience similar emotions, feelings, obstacles, challenges, triumphs, rewards and successes. We all learn as we go and we all become wiser as time passes. This is humanity. The diversity in each of us as a whole is awesome.”

- RozeMerie Cuevas, Co-Founder and Designer at JAC by Jacqueline Conoir

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Meet the Author:

Marilyn R. Wilson is a freelance writer, published author and speaker with a passion for interviewing. Her career as a writer began in an unusual way: by answering a Craigslist ad from a NYC magazine. The world shifted when she conducted her first interview—she had found her passion.

Since 2006, she has interviewed over a hundred and fifty people from around the globe, co-owned a local magazine, wrote freelance for others, worked as an editor, published two books and provided author support for her publisher. Her goal as an author -- to give wings to the stories of others and to pay forward some of the many "pieces of gold" received during interviews - bits of wisdom that have changed her life.

Connect with Marilyn: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

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