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The Bulls of War by E.M. Thomas @goddessfish @EMThomas1


Welcome!!  I am so happy to be participating in your book tour.  Thank you for this opportunity to find out a bit about you and your work.

Describe what it’s like to be an author in three words.
Fun.  Exhausting.  Invigorating. 

Say your publisher has offered to fly you anywhere in the world to do research on an upcoming book, where would you most likely want to go?
I’d be thrilled to head back to Greece, spend a few weeks there and complete the circuit around the country that I began three years ago.  There are so many archeological treasures there, and Greece’s relatively new highway system lets tourists zip around to each one in no time.  Highly recommend any visitors to the mainland rent a car for getting around (though be prepared for a bit of sticker shock when you see fuel costs…).

Use no more than two sentences. Why should we read your book?
There is something in it for everyone.  It’s first and foremost a tale of friendship in a world descending into chaos, but laced throughout are themes of romance, heroism, sacrifice, and political machinations. 

You just won a huge lottery what is the first thing you'll buy?
Multiple plane tickets to travel the world.  J  Once I took that first flight overseas, I knew I was hooked.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?
“For who is so worthless or indolent as not to wish to know by what means and under what system of polity the Romans in less than fifty-three years have succeeded in subjecting nearly the whole inhabited world to their sole government — a thing unique in history?” – Polybius, 2nd century B.C.  Polybius was a Greek who was taken as a political prisoner by Rome following Rome’s conquest of Greece.  Motivated to  understand how the Roman Republic became so immensely powerful in so short a time, he proceeded to compile one of the greatest and most valuable histories we have of the 3rd and 2nd centuries B.C., providing critical windows into Alexander’s Successor Kingdoms and the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage.  


The Bulls of War
by E.M. Thomas

GENRE: Fantasy


As clouds of civil war gather over a dying empire, two friends and generals find themselves on opposite sides of the factional divide.  Now, they must sacrifice everything to save themselves from their realm and their realm from itself.


Tyghus kept low to the ground as he headed for a patch of tall grass just on the camp’s edge.  He hadn’t a shred of armor on him, only his sword.

His heart quickened as the rider quickly closed, his hooded brown cloak fluttering from his speed.  Tyghus was intent on baiting the approach, certain he was safely blurred amongst grassy stalks.

Ten yards.  The heavy gallops were loud now.  Blade in hand, he sprang to his feet –

“General, no!”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

E.M. Thomas is the author of two novels - an epic fantasy (The Bulls of War) and a historical fiction set in Ancient Greece (Fortress of the Sun).
E.M. Thomas was born and raised on the East Coast of the United States but is a world traveler at heart. He caught the writing bug early on and has a passion for all good fiction, but especially that of the fantasy and historical variety. One of his favorite moments thus far in his young career was writing a chapter of his latest book about the great battle of Corinth - while sitting amidst the ruins of ancient Corinth.


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